Youth Ministry

Rev. Matt (and Kelsey) Greene
Youth Pastor

The Youth Ministry of Grace Baptist Church – “T.A.C.T.” (Trained and Constrained by Truth) – exists to further develop Christian character in the years where such an intentional discipleship strategy is essential, yet sadly lacking, in the lives of many teenagers in our culture. Although we plan, provide, and promote many great opportunities for our youth to fellowship and have fun together, our focus is on the foundational issue of building Christian character. Research, as well as one’s experience in the local churches of America, confirms that 70% of young adults, ages 23-30, stopped attending church regularly between the ages of 18-22. Most of those who stopped attending stated that they “simply wanted to take a break from church”. The leadership at Grace Baptist believes there’s another reason – they really had no love for Jesus. We’re striving to correct that disconnect through intentional and inspiring Bible study, worship, and focused ministry and mission opportunities!

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