Men’s Ministy
Our Men’s Ministry at Grace Baptist Church exists for the purpose of encouraging a man’s participation in all of our disciple-making ministries in the church buildings, as well as, our mission efforts outside the walls of these buildings. We refer to our men’s ministry as “Out Front” because it’s the clear teaching of Scripture that a man should lead in the worship and service of the Lord Jesus in his family. We’re most confident that a man that’s found faithful in his role as God’s leader in his home will be found to be a great witness in this sin-cursed world that so desperately needs Jesus and His salvation!

Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry of Grace Baptist Church is better known as “Women of Grace”. Women of Grace exists to encourage and assist all women to grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ and to one another. We’re committed to providing all women who attend Grace Baptist Church, as well as their family members and friends, various opportunities for spiritual growth and ministry/missions participation. Whatever the stage in a woman’s life, we’re very much aware that God desires to develop and display a woman’s unique giftedness in the building of His kingdom and the expansion of His Glory!

Senior Adult Ministry
The Senior Adult Ministry of Grace Baptist Church exists for the purpose of continuing that which God promised He would do in the lives of all who place their faith and trust in His Son and live obedient lives. Philippians 1:6 says, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” We understand, that as long as we have breath, God is continually at work in our lives conforming us to the image of His Son. We also understand that a very important aspect of this continual growth is the spiritual discipline of active and intentional fellowship! That’s why the leaders of our senior adult ministry – “TheSonshine Club” – plan and provide many, and varied, opportunities for fellowship and fun through the calendar year. So, come join in the fun of being part of such an exciting fellowship of faith!

Adult Ministry
The Adult Ministry of Grace Baptist Church–“Anchored” – exists to encourage and assist one another in the area of communicating the Gospel’s priority and power as it manifests in the homes and families of the Christian disciple! It is our Biblical conviction that the world, the flesh, and the devil himself, stand in direct opposition to all that God ordained His family to become in the faith. One doesn’t need to look long, or far, to be convinced that the family unit as God designed it to be is under demonic attack. The leadership of Grace Gastonia is convinced that only the Word of God operative in the life of a child of God can withstand and overcome these subtle, deceptive attacks! The future success of God’s work through His church is dependent on the families that compose the local church. We exist to make disciples who make a difference in their homes first!

College and Career Ministry (Young Adults)
The College and Career Ministry of Grace Baptist Church exists as a catalyst to provide special encouragement and support for young adults as they make their way through a very important phase in their lives! We refer to this area of ministry as “Transitions” due to this time in the life of a young adult being a time of transition, and oftentimes, a time of confusion. Many high school graduates have benefited greatly from such a focused ministry as they prayerfully discern and discover the pathway that God is leading them to travel at this time in their lives. Our college and career leaders are uniquely gifted to share both Biblical precepts and principles, as well as, practical experiences that give insights that prove to be a great help and give great hope to this distinct group of young adults!

Youth Ministry
The Youth Ministry of Grace Baptist Church – “T.A.C.T.” (Trained and Committed to Truth) – exists to further develop Christian character in the years where such an intentional discipleship strategy is essential, yet sadly lacking, in the lives of many teenagers in our culture. Although we plan, provide, and promote many great opportunities for our youth to fellowship and have fun together, our focus is on the foundational issue of building Christian character. Research, as well as one’s experience in the local churches of America, confirms that 70% of young adults, ages 23-30, stopped attending church regularly between the ages of 18-22. Most of those who stopped attending stated that they “simply wanted to take a break from church”. The leadership at Grace Baptist believes there’s another reason – they really had no love for Jesus. We’re striving to correct that disconnect through intentional and inspiring Bible study, worship, and focused ministry and mission opportunities!

Children’s Ministry
The Children’s Ministry of Grace Baptist Church is given utmost attention. We have two children’s ministry groups – Grace Kids and Faith Weavers – that are focused on the disciple-making mandate of our Lord Jesus. We are committed to providing an environment where the educational and recreational needs of children will be achieved. We firmly believe that no greater responsibility has been entrusted to parents, and to us as spiritual leaders, than to come alongside of one another and instruct children in the Word and ways of God! It is our leadership team’s sincere desire to be found faithful in this task. We have children’s ministry leaders who are people of deep Christian character and commitment. These leaders plan and promote many ministry events and mission efforts throughout the year that nurture the overall development of our children to become all that God desires for them to be in life. We’re excited about what the future holds for those children that God has entrusted to us for His glory!

Preschool Ministry
The Pre-school Ministry of Grace Baptist Church is fondly known as our Precious Gifts ministry. Precious Gifts exists for the purpose of providing safe, Biblically founded, and age-appropriate times of FUN and Education for all of our families, and family friends, with preschoolers from Birth to Pre-K! Please know that we take this responsibility seriously at Grace Gastonia and that we’re not simply providing a “babysitting’ option while the rest of the family is in Bible study or worship. No, we’re convinced that a preschool age child is worthy of our best effort to instruct in the Word and ways of our Lord Jesus. Please be encouraged to contact our Precious Gifts leadership team if you have any questions or desire further information about this aspect of our disciple-making ministry!

Worship Ministry
The Worship Ministry of Grace Baptist Church – “Exalt!” – exists for the express purpose of exalting the Lord Jesus Christ! Every member of our Worship Team has this one desire ever before their mind’s eye – Jesus is worthy to be worshipped and worthy of our best gifts! It is our prayerful expectation that every worship service be pleasing to our Heavenly Father as we give all glory to His Precious Son! We sing because of His purpose, presence, and power in our lives! We play musical instruments because of our Lord’s desire to be worshipped in this way – “Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet: with the psaltery and the harp: with the timbrel and dance: with stringed instruments and organs: with the loud cymbals and the high sounding cymbals. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.”[Psalm 150:3-6]. We preach with a passionate conviction that captivates and eventually consumes the souls of men! We believe that “faith cometh by hearing; and hearing by the Word of God.” [Romans 10:17]. We lead others in the congregation to worship Jesus, in Word and in Spirit, because this gathering of worshippers has the potential to transform lives like no other gathering in this world! Come, let us worship the Lord together!

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