About Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church is a fellowship of believers brought together by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of knowing Christ and making Christ known. We are intentional in our purpose. We believe that the church of God should be growing in a more intimate manner in her fellowship with Jesus. We also believe that it’s our God-given mandate to carry – with intentionality – the gospel message into the world. Our motto and vision here at Grace Gastonia is “Making Disciples Who Make a Difference”. We endeavor to accomplish this objective through Biblical principles of intentional discipleship. Please know that all of what we endeavor to accomplish at Grace Gastonia is done with the glory of Jesus alone in mind. We are deeply committed to prayer and adherence to the Word of God. Our church is in cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention as it relates to missions and discipleship. We are also in agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message (Yr.2000) as it relates to doctrine and the interpretation thereof. Please feel free to contact the church office at 704-864-5121 if you need further information regarding Grace Baptist Gastonia.

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